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About Pastured Chicken

These are pastured chickens, does that mean they are not fed any grain?

Chickens are monogastric creatures and enjoy a nutritionally complete and balanced diet of high quality grains, vitamins and minerals in addition to the grasses and insects they forage for.

Is their feed organic?

We do not subscribe to the organic label for a few reasons, which you can read more about in our journal, but we are hoping to work with regenerative grain growers in the near future. Their feed is custom milled, high quality and hormone-free.

Where are the chickens processed?

Right here on the farm! We process our chickens in our own very unique mechanised mobile abattoir. Our chickens don't have to be transported, which contributes to the highest of animal welfare standards. Our facility is NSW Food Authority approved.

How much space do they have to roam?

We go beyond the recommendations of industry bodies such as the RSPCA with regards to stocking density to also provide mobile housing for our chickens. This means fresh grass once to twice daily for the cleanest and healthiest conditions.

Is my order safe to be delivered when I am not home?

Yes! We use sustainable wool insulated packaging for our deliveries which is not only biodegradable, recyclable and compostable, but also allows your items to be kept safe and cold for 24hrs for ultimate convenience when it comes to delivery. If you have any concerns with your delivery, be sure to let us know asap.

Are the chickens fresh or frozen?

Right now we're freezing our chickens in vacuum sealed packaging, meaning it will defrost well. Why? A couple of reasons.

1. Convenience for you. We don't expect customers to devour 4 fresh chickens within their used by date (though we wouldn't judge you if you did!) So we freeze them right away for ultimate freshness and safe delivery, vacuum packed so that you don't have to think about it. Just defrost what you want right away and pop the rest in the freezer.

2. As we're only processing once a month whilst we get back into the swing of things after the Black Summer bushfires, freezing chickens allows us more flexibility during this time as we rebuild our farm the remainder of the month.

Do you do cut up pieces or just whole?

Absolutely we will offer different cuts, as soon as we get into a rhythm and more regular production. We're balancing producing chickens with rebuilding our farm after the Black Summer fires, so we're simplifying our processes for the next few months as we get back into trade. Best to sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media for new product offerings.

Do you offer a subscription service?

We are working towards this. Again, as we're juggling a few different things between raising and processing chickens as well as rebuilding farm infrastructure, we're we'll offer a subscription service for home deliveries as soon as our regular production runs are locked in, so that you can set and forget your regular order of pastured chicken.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Our returns policy notes that we will need 48 hours notice for cancellation. This is due to the logistics chain in place to get your order from the beautiful Bega Valley into and across Sydney. There's a chance we can redirect your order with less notice, we'll do what we can to accommodate if something unexpected happens.

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