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        4 Pastured Chickens Delivered To Your Door

        4 Whole Pastured Chickens! 

         These chickens are raised using sustainable, regenerative practices and have been processed in our mobile abattoir on-farm. They spent their first two to three weeks in our solar-powered climate-controlled brooder before they are ready to go onto pasture. There, they live the life of a chicken, chasing bugs, eating grass, protected by maremma dogs, moved daily and sometimes twice daily onto fresh pasture. These chickens have had zero stress handling or transportation because they've been processed on-farm in our first-of-its-kind mechanised mobile abattoir.  

        Each chicken averages 1.8kg.  

        Return to days gone by where chicken was a celebratory feast, where families gathered together and savoured true flavour. 


        Donate Chicken! Give the gift of good food.

        Helping our local community recover from the Black Summer bushfires with a donation of pastured chicken. 


         Give the gift of pastured chicken! A nourishing, locally grown box of 4 pastured chickens that will bring a smile to the many good people in the Bega Valley donating their time and working tirelessly for their community following the Black Summer bushfires. Many have fallen through the cracks in terms of support. It's predominantly been up to members of the community to come together and help one another and these humble, helpful humans deserve a tasty reward. We'll deliver all donations to the individuals and businesses and organisations that have been the glue holding our community together. Volunteer organisations, charities, businesses that have gone the extra mile and many worthy folks doing good work unrecognised. 

         You may also wish to nominate your own recipient. 

        These are our pastured chickens, raised and processed on our farm in the Bega Valley. If you are looking for a nourishing gift, want to say thanks, or wish to support a business or individual who deserves the gift of pastured chicken, select this box! 

        This is doubly rewarding as you'll be supporting our business and helping us get back on our feet as well as making a difference to the recipient of your donation. What better way to give than to donate healthy, nutrient dense food that tastes delicious, creates so many meals, supports planetary and human health and may also be a tad addictive... Scroll down to the long description below to find out what to do.